The basic concept of Guangdong alloy steel casting
- 2019-09-07-

Guangdong alloy steel castingIt includes: investment casting, ceramic mold casting, metal mold casting, pressure casting, and lost foam casting.

The most commonly used among them is investment casting, also called lost wax casting: use suitable investment materials (such as white wax) to make investment molds; repeat the process of dipping refractory paint and sprinkling refractory sand on the investment mold, hardening the shell and drying; Then melt the internal investment mold to obtain a cavity; bake the shell to obtain sufficient strength and burn out the remaining investment materials; cast the required metal materials; solidify and cool, and clean the sand after removing the shell to obtain High-precision finished product. According to product requirements or heat treatment, cold processing and surface treatment.

Guangdong carbon steel castingThe mold is the process of smelting metal into a liquid that meets certain requirements and pouring it into a mold. After cooling, condensing, and cleaning, a casting (part or blank) with a predetermined shape, size and function is obtained. It is made by modern machinery. The basic craft of industry.

Guangdong Stainless Steel CastingThe produced blank has a low cost and can show its economic efficiency for parts with messy shapes, especially with messy cavities; at the same time, it has a wide range of adaptability and has better generalized mechanical functions. However, the materials (such as metal, wood, fuel, modeling materials, etc.) and equipment (such as metallurgical furnaces, sand mixers, molding machines, core making machines, shakeout machines, shot blasting machines, cast iron plates, etc.) required for casting Many dusts, harmful gases and noise will cause pollution to the environment.