What are the types of precision casting in Dongguan?
- 2018-12-04-

Dongguan Precision CastingHardware is very common in our lives. It is found in many places. There are many things in hardware. Hardware is only one type. Maybe many people don’t know the hardware, so what are the types of hardware? ? Knowing these is very helpful for your own choice and understanding, the following Jiuzheng Hardware Network will explain it for everyone, let's take a look. What are the types of hardware? Hardware refers to tools obtained through processing and casting of metals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, etc., which are used to fix things, process things, and decorate. As we all know, gold is a very valuable precious metal, worth several hundred yuan per gram, most of which are put into the national treasury by the national government for good preservation. Most types are gold.

Dongguan Precision CastingGold pieces are of course used to make valuable items. Objects made of gold are usually jewelry, currency, and currency, such as rings, necklaces, gold coins (in ancient times), gold bricks, gold bars, etc. There are also objects used to make celestial spheres. Silverware Silver is silvery white, and it is also a precious metal.

In ancient China, it was used to make silver ingots or broken silver for state expenditures and daily transactions; the ancient Egyptians used the water-soluble silver ion sterilization effect of silver to make silver flakes to treat wounds. Modern silver is also commonly used in jewelry processing. Silver has excellent electrical conductivity and heat transfer performance. Common industrial silver pieces are generally parts of electronic instruments and power generation equipment, such as silver core wires.

Copper pieces Copper is the messenger of human civilization. Ancient people often used copper to make ritual vessels, such as copper tripods and modern tools. As we all know, copper has excellent electrical conductivity, second only to silver, but copper ore is more expensive and cheaper than silver ore. Copper is often used to make wire cores and some parts of communication equipment and electronic equipment. The application range of iron parts is very wide, and the content is very large in the world: the proven iron ore reserves in the world have exceeded more than 200 billion tons.

Precision cast steelThere are two types of commonly used iron: hematite and magnetite. The composition of hematite hematite is iron trioxide, which is dark red or steel gray. Cast iron nails, screws, nuts, hammer heads, machine parts, etc. are mostly used. Magnetite Magnetite is also called "magnetite" or "magnet". The application range of magnetite is not as wide as hematite, but it is also useful. Magnetite can be shaped into a magnet to identify objects.

Tin parts are not widely used. Common tin parts include canned bottle caps, tin foil, and plastic bottle tin seals. Other hardware antimony parts: Antimony and lead can be mixed together to make bullets. Tungsten parts: mainly tungsten filaments. There is still a difference between hardware and hardware accessories. Hardware accessories refer to machine parts or components made of hardware, as well as some small hardware products. It can be used alone or as an aid.

For example, hardware tools, hardware parts, daily-use hardware, construction hardware, and security products. Most small hardware products are not final consumer goods. Rather, they are used as industrial manufacturing supporting products, semi-finished products, and tools used in the production process. Only a small part of daily-use hardware products (accessories) are consumer tools necessary for people's lives.