Maintenance methods of Dongguan precision casting locks
- 2018-12-04-

Dongguan Precision CastingIn order to maintain the appearance of the lock and extend the service life of the lock, attention should be paid to its protection and maintenance during daily use.

1. Always insist that there is a smoothing agent on the transmission part of the lock body to maintain smooth transmission and extend service life. It is recommended to check once half a year or once a year, and check whether the fastening screws are loosened together to ensure the fastening.

2. When the lock is in use, at a fixed time (half a year or a year) or when the key is not smoothly inserted or unplugged, a small amount of graphite powder or pencil powder can be put into the lock core slot to ensure smooth key insertion and unplugging. But do not use any other oils to make it smooth, to prevent the grease from sticking to the pin spring, causing the lock to be unable to roll and not to open.

3. Always check the cooperation gap between the lock body and the lock plate, whether the height of the lock tongue and the lock plate hole is suitable, and the cooperation gap between the door and the door frame is preferably 1.5mm-2.5mm. If you find any changes, you should adjust the position of the hinge or lock plate on the door. Pay attention to the cold shrinkage and thermal expansion caused by the weather (humid spring, dry winter) to ensure that the gap between the door and the door frame, the lock body and the lock plate is reasonable to ensure the smooth operation of the lock. For details, you can directly ask the person of the manufacturer at the time of purchase.

1. Appearance protection:

1,Dongguan Precision CastingDuring the decoration of the house, please use a plastic bag (do not touch the surface of the lock with the adhesive tape) to seal the exposed parts of the handle, panel, etc. of the lock to prevent the surface treatment layer of the lock from being acidic or The erosion of alkaline materials and gases causes mottle, blistering and even delamination, which seriously affects the appearance and quality of the lock. Some locks made of zinc alloy and copper, when installed on the door for a long time, you will find&"Mottled GG". This phenomenon is not attributed to rust, but to oxidation. If this happens, just use the exterior A spray of wax can remove the mottle.

2. In normal use, if there is dirt, use a dry cloth to remove it, and do not scrub with detergent or other chemicals. Otherwise, it will damage the protective film of the exposed part and cause discoloration. Do not wipe the lock body and handle with a damp cloth, because some metal locks will rust; alloy locks will wear off the coating and lose their beautiful effect.

2. Functional protection

1,Dongguan Precision CastingIn the process of application, add some graphite powder (pencil powder) to the keyhole at regular intervals (once half a year or once a year) or when the key is not smoothly inserted and unplugged for a smooth effect. Please do not use any liquid oil as a smoothing agent. , In order to prevent the grease from sticking to the pin spring, causing the lock head to be unable to roll and cannot be opened. If the door leaf is closed, you can apply a small amount of pencil powder on the diagonal tongue.

2. It is best to hold the handle when closing the door, screw the bolt into the lock body, and then let go after closing the door. Do not hit the door hard, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the lock.

3. When the main lock tongue or the secure lock tongue protrudes out of the door, do not hit it hard to prevent the lock tongue and the door frame from being damaged.

4. Because the sealing strip installed between the door body and the door frame has an elastic effect, when the handle or key is used to unlock the lock, you can open the door or slide the door with your hands to overcome the elasticity. Do not force the handle or key to open the door. , To prevent the handle or key from cracking.