What is precision casting and what materials can be precision casting
- 2019-12-09-

A precision casting that customers are still desperately pursuing yesterday and today, may face the risk of casting back to the furnace after tomorrow's final delivery time limit. So once the castings are returned to the furnace, they will basically face certain losses from both the customer and the foundry; especially the foundry, because not only has it lost customers, lost money, but also lost reputation!

There are many production links in precision casting, so how do we improve the timeliness of precision casting plants? The following are some of the factors considered in the actual production engineering, welcome to make a brick.

Rigorous delivery cycle assessment: When evaluating the delivery cycle of castings, pay attention to the calculation of detailed time, the calculation of the time for replenishing defective products, and the calculation of outsourcing time; then, there is also a 20% insurance time in the normal situation.

Strict production schedule and quality management: Compared with non-IT industries, the production management in precision casting plants is much more difficult than other industries. For example, in the shell-making process, it is possible that modules have already been produced in the first shell-making process. Defects, but the problem will not be exposed before pouring, so you still have to start the furnace a few days later to find out. There are also pouring, vibration shell and other links are similar; therefore, the production pipe must supervise the product progress card and the process card supervision. Be conscientious and meticulous.

Reasonable process customization: There are many engineers who do precision casting, and most of them can proudly talk about a lot of theoretical knowledge that ordinary people do not know; because there are too many links in the precision casting industry, there are many uncertain factors in it. As a result, those engineers who are accustomed to copying the scripts often sigh for the defects of the castings after entering the job. How could this be? ! In fact, this is also a feature of precision casting, that is, the process of precision casting must be based on the facts, and the parts must be discussed with respect to the parts. The actual part structure, the equipment performance of the factory, the performance of the raw materials and auxiliary materials of the factory, etc. must be carefully analyzed. factor. Rather than making a one-sided conclusion based on the book data.

For orders with tight deadlines, a second plan or even a third plan can be made, and production can be adjusted in time to deal with the timeliness dangers that appear in the production process.