Technical requirements and material selection of Dongguan Precision Casting
- 2019-11-05-

Robot stainless steel accessoriesDuring the production process, the liquid in the room temperature is directly solidified and then the material is poured into the mold of a specific shape, such as the processing method of solidification and forming. The precision casting is mostly solid and then directly heated into the liquid metal. The metal material used There are lead, copper, iron, aluminum and other materials.

The material of the casting mold in precision casting can be metal, sand or ceramics. In the process of use, it needs to be used according to its different requirements, and the method of use will be different. Such a production method is called a casting, and its metal type It can be gray iron or ductile iron.

Precision casting can produce parts with complex shapes in the process of processing, especially complex inner cavity blanks. It has a very wide range of applications. Generally, metal materials commonly used in the industry can be cast. The source of raw materials for precision casting is very extensive,Dongguan Precision CastingThe price of the product is very low during use. The shape and size of the cast parts of the equipment scrap, scrap steel and chips are very close to the parts, which can effectively reduce the amount of cutting, which is a small and no cutting process. The large-scale production of precision casting effectively creates favorable conditions for the factory. In the process of use, a very advanced technical modeling method is adopted. The air-punch molding line of the product can meet the requirements of fast and high-precision molding production line, and the method of core making Efficient core making methods such as its shell core can be selected.

If the precision castings are produced in a single room or in small batches, the manual modeling is still a very important method. The manual modeling can effectively meet the requirements of various complex parts, and it is more flexible.Dongguan Precision CastingA lot of process equipment can be required in the process of use.