What are the hardware accessories of Guangdong alloy steel casting wardrobe
- 2018-12-04-

Guangdong alloy steel castingAlthough hardware is not used in many places in the production of the wardrobe, it is very useful in the use and fixation of the wardrobe. It mainly depends on what you need. If you want to make a good storage, you still need to match the hardware accessories, then the wardrobe What are the hardware accessories? The following Jiuzheng Hardware Net will explain it for you, let's take a look.

What are the wardrobe hardware accessories? Furniture is like a human being. Only by doing both internally and externally can you withstand the test of time. After the age of only looking at the appearance, it is natural to know how to distinguish the inner quality. The hardware fittings hidden in the concealed part of the furniture are the key to truly reflect the quality of the furniture. They are reliable enough for the furniture to last for a long time.

Wardrobes on the market nowLost wax castingHardware accessories mainly include pulleys, hinges, drawers, clothes rails, handles, etc. Pulley pulleys and guide rails are the core technical parts of sliding doors. They should be inspected on site to see if the sliding is easy, smooth, flexible and quiet. The hinge is used to connect the cabinet door and the cabinet body. In the normal use of the door closet, the hinge is the most tested. Therefore, the hinge is one of the most important hardware parts of the door closet.

Some owners of drawers hope to make full use of the storage function of customized wardrobes, and they will consider adding drawers in the wardrobe. This mainly considers the size of the wardrobe in order to add drawers. Hangers with rubber strips on clothes rails can have the effect of silencing. The aluminum alloy material has high hardness and strong bearing capacity. Some regular manufacturers also specially add reinforcement strips in it, which not only strengthens the bearing capacity, but also highlights the mature wardrobe brand. Humanization. There are many styles of hand in hand. In terms of material, all copper and all stainless steel are better, alloys and electroplating are poor, and plastics are on the verge of being eliminated.

Generally, the handle has two fixing methods: screw and glue. Generally, the screw is strong, and the glue is not practical. CompleteGuangdong carbon steel castingThe handle is similar in appearance to the stainless steel handle, which can be tested with a magnet.

A complete and multifunctional wardrobe is indispensable for some accessories. Although some may or may not be available, it will be better if there are some. Here are some of them listed below:

1. Activity pull basket. The most common thing in the wardrobe is the use of movable pull baskets. The movable pull baskets make it easier to pick and place, and pull baskets of different sizes can be assembled according to actual needs. T-shirts, shirts, sweaters and other clothes can be placed in the pull basket.

2. Doorboard basket. The basket rack installed on the door of the closet can make full use of the space and is suitable for storing cosmetics, perfumes, handkerchiefs, socks, underwear and the like.

3. Shirt pull plate. The shirt pull plate can prevent high-end tops such as shirts, sweaters, T-shirts, etc., and can keep the clothes flat.

4. Pants hanger. It can prevent creases on the trousers, and the trousers can be hung. If the track design is made, it is more convenient to take and place.

5. Lifting the clothes rail rack. Clothes hanging in a higher position are not easy to pick and place. If a lift-type clothes rail rack is installed, it can be easily picked and placed.

6. Lattice frame. Put the tie neatly in the lattice rack, you can put multiple ties, the pattern style is clear at a glance, and it is easy to match.

7. Rotating clothes hangers. As long as you open a small door horizontally and vertically, all the clothes in the whole wardrobe can be taken upright. Compared with the wardrobe, it has the advantages of large storage capacity, easy classification, convenient taking and hanging, and not easy to wrinkle.

8. Wardrobe drawers. The traditional chest of drawers are all made of wood, while the latest chest of drawers is made of glass, which makes it easier to take clothes.

9. The dressing mirror is hidden in the closet, and it will appear by pulling it gently. The dressing mirror that is pushed back is close to the cabinet board, and does not occupy the space in the closet.

10. Guide rail. Using heavy-duty three-section rails or three-section slide rails, push and pull are smooth and silent, with large bearing capacity, and can repeatedly push and pull more than 100,000.

11. Shelf buckle. The built-in shelf buckle can prevent the shelf from slipping off accidentally.