How to remove the drawer slide of Dongguan precision casting?
- 2018-12-04-

Drawers are very common in our lives. They are found in general workers' offices or homes. They usually appear in cabinets.Dongguan Precision CastingThe use requires the cooperation of the slide rail. This hardware accessory makes us more convenient and free to use, but if it is broken, it needs to be repaired. It may be considered to be removed. Then how to remove the drawer slide rail? The following Jiuzheng Hardware Net will explain it for you, let's take a look.

How to remove the drawer slide? Drawers are boxes for desks, cabinets and other furniture to realize the storage function. The drawer slides are used to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the drawer.

Precision cast steelDrawer slide rails are trough-shaped rails fixed on both sides of the inside of the drawer for the movement of other moving parts of the drawer.

1. First pull out all the drawers and find the black wire plastic pick (shift fork) at the junction of the second section and the third section. This black plastic object is mainly for easy disassembly and assembly;

2. Determine whether the direction of the paddle is up or down. If the paddle is facing up, move it down to the end. If there is a drawer, pull out the drawer together to pull out the third section of the slide rail; 3. The rest Repeat the above operation for the disassembly of the slide rail. Do not use excessive force when disassembling, so as not to damage the slide rail.

The installation of the drawer slide is very simple, but someLost wax castingAttention should be paid to the details, otherwise the drawer installed at the back will not be able to be used normally.

We usually say that the three-section slide rails are the same kind of drawer slides. The drawer slides can be divided into three parts: outer rail, middle rail, and inner rail. When installing the drawer slide rail, the inner rail needs to be disassembled from the main body of the drawer slide rail. The method of disassembly is also very simple. There is a spring buckle on the back of the drawer slide rail, and the inner rail can be disassembled with a light press. Come down.

Install the outer rail and middle rail part of the split slide rail on both sides of the drawer box first, and then install the inner rail on the side panel of the drawer. If the finished furniture has pre-punched holes in the drawer box and drawer side panels for easy installation, you need to make the holes yourself.

When installing the slide rails, it is recommended to assemble the drawer as a whole. There are two holes on the rail to adjust the vertical and front-to-back distance of the drawer. At the same time, ensure that the left and right slide rails are at the same horizontal position, and the difference should not be too large. Then install the inner and outer rails. Use screws to fix the inner rail to the length of the drawer cabinet at the measured position (note that the inner rail and the already installed and fixed middle rail and outer rail should be kept in the same position), and the two screws Tighten the corresponding hole position, and follow the same method on the other side, but pay attention to keeping the inner rails on both sides horizontal and parallel.

Note that if the left and right sides of the middle rail and the outer rail are not kept level in the previous step, at this time there will be a jam and cannot be pushed forward. At this time, either check the position of the outer rail or adjust the position of the inner rail to match the outer rail.

After installation, pull the drawer for a test. If there is a problem, you need to readjust it. If the drawer is smooth, you can do it manually.