Design and production of Dongguan precision casting electroplating hanger
- 2018-12-04-

1.Dongguan Precision CastingDesign and manufacture hangers according to the characteristics of part electroplating

(1) Due to the high requirements for electroplating quality of new equipment parts, the design and production of electroplating hangers must be improved to keep up with the requirements of the development of new equipment.

(2) In addition to electroplating in accordance with general process regulations, emergency repair electroplating for aircraft battle injuries is also required. This requires the design, production and storage of necessary hangers to prepare for field emergency repair electroplating during wartime.

(3) The electroplated parts in aviation maintenance, in addition to some general and commonly used batch parts and new batch parts, which can be completed on automatic lines and barrel plating machines, there are a considerable part of which needs to be rack-plated, such as a certain aircraft, a certain part During maintenance, there are only a few or dozens of parts that need to be plated. In this case, rack plating can be used. Therefore, in the design and production of the hanger, the batch and quantity conditions should be fully considered, and the versatility and specificity of the hanger should also be considered.

2. Issues that should be paid attention to when designing and making

(1)Dongguan Precision CastingThe choice of hanger material

Design and select metal and non-metal materials for making the hanger according to the shape of the part, too small, base material, plating type and coating requirements. No matter what material or method is used, the surface of the wrapping and painting layer must be made uniform and smooth, so as to achieve good insulation performance and allow the tank liquid to drip and recover quickly when the hanger is out of the tank.

(2) The material of the hanger should have sufficient strength and conductive cross-section

When designing the hanger, first calculate the total area of ​​the plated parts (including cathodic protection) and the maximum current required based on the parts of the hanger, and then determine the main pole and support pole of the hanger according to the upper limit of the maximum current density Select the type, thickness, thickness, etc. of the material. For the hanger used in the multi-process assembly line, it should be calculated according to the maximum current density in the assembly line process.

For some hangers, it is necessary to consider sufficient strength and weight to ensure that the parts are in good contact during the cathode movement and air stirring. Those that should not be shaken should not be shaken, and those that need to be shaken should be shaken flexibly.

(3) There should be good contact between the hanger and the parts

Dongguan Precision CastingIf the design of the hanger is not perfect, the poor contact with the parts after installation will cause contact resistance, which will affect the conduction of the current. In the lighter, it will lead to no coating around the contact, poor coating adhesion, uneven coating thickness and other quality problems. Electricity burns the parts, causing the parts to be scrapped.

(4) Easy to use, reasonable mounting arrangement

When designing and manufacturing the hanger, it is necessary to consider the convenience of use. The hanging product on the automatic line can be appropriately larger, but the operator should pay attention to the convenience of loading and unloading.

For manual operation, factors such as volume and weight should be considered to facilitate the operator's convenience when parts are clamped, disassembled, slotted, slotted, and transported.