Dongguan precision castings-precision casting process takes you to understand the characteristics of aluminum alloy
- 2020-12-25-

Dongguan precision casting wax-mould precision casting-precision casting process will show you the characteristics of aluminum alloy:

Aluminum has a low melting point and good precision casting properties, and is widely used in many industries such as vehicles, diagnosis and treatment, automation technology, and industrial machinery. In particular, some have high requirements, complicated inner walls, large thickness, and high compressive strength, which is irreplaceable.

Sometimes, some products can be produced by die-casting method or aluminum alloy gravity precision casting method. This is because the mold cost of aluminum alloy gravity precision casting method is lower. When the product specifications are large and the total production volume is small, aluminum The alloy gravity casting method can not only obtain high-quality products, but also greatly reduce the cost of molds, which is a good choice.

The production process of aluminum parts is divided into: high precision casting, gravity casting, sand casting, dewaxing casting, low pressure casting, etc. The products produced by the aluminum alloy gravity casting process have excellent process performance, the specification precision reaches CT7 level, and there are no sand holes or vents inside. After the T6 heat treatment process, it can achieve high mechanical strength, which is higher than the quality of 290MPA die-casting products.

The gravity casting of precision casting aluminum profiles in Dongguan is often used in the field of hardware, so what is the effect of gravity casting aluminum profiles? What are the advantages?

The recast aluminum products are of good quality, high production efficiency, economical and affordable, and the casting specifications of the recast aluminum products are high in accuracy.

The equipment has high production efficiency and can produce 600 to 700 aluminum alloy gravity castings per hour on average. Because aluminum alloy gravity casting castings have the advantages of precise specifications and smooth surface, they can be used directly without machining and manufacturing, or the output is not large. Therefore, it not only improves the utilization rate of metal materials, but also reduces many processing equipment. And comprehensive working hours, and the low price of die castings produced by aluminum alloy gravity casting brings better economic benefits.