Technical requirements and material selection for precision casting
- 2021-01-16-

Dongguan Precision CastingIn the production process, the solidified substance such as liquid at room temperature is directly poured into a mold of a specific shape and solidified. The precision casting process, Dongguan precision casting is mostly solid, and then directly heated into liquid metal. The metal used Materials include lead, copper, iron, aluminum and other materials.
The materials used in Dongguan precision casting molds can be metal, sand or ceramics. During use, it needs to be based on different process requirements and the methods used are also different. This production method is called casting, and its metal type can be gray iron or ductile iron, etc. .
The precision casting process can produce complex-shaped parts, especially complex inner cavity blanks, which can be used in a wide range of applications. The metal materials commonly used in the industry can be cast. Precision casting has a wide range of raw materials, and the product has a low price during use. The shape and size of the scrap of equipment, scrap and castings are very close to those of the parts, so it can effectively reduce the amount of cutting, which belongs to less cutting processing. The mass production of precision casting in Dongguan has effectively created favorable conditions for the factory. In the process of use, a very advanced process modeling method is adopted. The stamping line of the product can meet the requirements of a fast and high-precision modeling production line. The core-making method can be selected. High-efficiency core-making methods such as shell core materials.
If you want to make precision castings in single room or small batch production, the manual modeling is still a very important method. The manual modeling can effectively adapt to the requirements of various complex parts. It is more flexible, and a large amount of process equipment can be required during use. .


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