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Surface quality of precision castings in Dongguan
- 2020-02-26-

The surface quality evaluation of Dongguan precision castings is as follows:
1. The surface roughness of castings should meet the requirements of GB6060.1 forging surface roughness samples.
2. The surface of the casting that needs to be polished and produced shall be implemented in accordance with the requirements of GB6060.4.
3. Castings need to be shot blasted, and the surface processed by sandblasting shall be implemented in accordance with the requirements of GB6060.5.
4. Castings are not allowed to have cracks, under-casting, looseness, bubbles and all penetrating defects.
5. Castings are not allowed to have scratches, dents, lack of meat and isosceles triangle defects with net structure burrs.
6. The plastic inlet, burrs, overflow openings, septa, etc. of the castings should be cleaned and tidy, but marks are allowed to be left.
7. No defect is allowed within four pitches of the external threaded hole wall.
8. Under the standards that do not harm the application of castings, when the buyer is solicited, the supplier can carry out impregnation and repair (such as repair welding, deformation correction, etc.) Quality inspection.
9. The surface roughness of the inner surface of Dongguan precision castings is: 25um