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The main method of Guangdong carbon steel casting treatment effect
- 2020-04-03-

In the production process of Guangdong alloy steel casting, the sulfuric acid oxide film is an important factor that damages the highly soft and transparent oxide film of its stainless steel iron castings. The porosity, purity, thickness, and sealing quality of stainless steel precision casting are all immediately applied to iron castings. The expected effect of mirror glass laminated glass causes harm

If there are more residues in the oxide film in stainless steel precision casting, its purity will be low, and the picture quality will be reduced. The residue in the oxide film mainly comes from the stainless steel iron casting itself, and part of it comes from the oxidation bath. Therefore, appropriately reducing the content of the aluminum alloy profile elements in the iron casting can minimize the residue content.

The mechanical equipment necessary for the basic process of stainless steel precision casting is: high precision casting wax injection-wax injection machine, chiller, household central air conditioner; Plastic buckets, static buckets, and slurry dipping can use robotic arms and automatic professional wax supply systems;

Gold melting-sintering furnace, high-frequency machine furnace, shell vibration machine; post-process processing-cutting machine, grinding machine, automatic sandblasting machine, sand cleaning machine, heat treatment furnace, high-speed punch; maintenance-pneumatic grinding and polishing machine, argon two Welding machine, grinding machine; quality assurance-spectrometer, three-dimensional this kind. These types are relatively general and extensive. If they must be more advanced, they must also be mechanical pump forging furnaces or vacuum pump heat treatment equipment or x-rays.

The total output of carbon steel castings in Guangdong is relatively stable, and the quality, type, performance of stainless steel castings and the share of alloy steel and special steel continue to increase. Using a variety of refining production processes and professionalism, the design and development of new stainless steel casting raw materials can improve the strong plasticity and distinctive performance of the raw materials.