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What are the details that cannot be overlooked in Guangdong stainless steel casting
- 2021-10-18-

Guangdong stainless steel casting is a general term for the process of obtaining standard size castings. The results show that Guangdong stainless steel casting has higher dimensional accuracy and smooth surface than ordinary sand casting process. Investment casting. Ceramic casting. Metal casting. Pressure casting. Lost casting.

Under normal circumstances, the model of industrial wax core can only correspond to one type of blank. The coating of stainless steel precision casting determines the surface quality of the casting. Therefore, the coating quality is good, the silicon powder is fine, the coating viscosity is low, and it should be fine when desanding. Reinforced paint can effectively protect the shell and prevent its damage.

Guangdong Stainless Steel Casting:

1. According to the different shapes of the products, the upper and lower dies are used for machining by lathe, planer, milling machine, erosion bed, and EDM. The groove is half the size of the product. Bacon is mainly used for industrial wax, and aluminum alloy is used as the mold, which has low hardness, low requirements, low price and light weight.

2. Using casting method to produce a large number of industrial wax core models.

3. Repair the margin around the wax mold, and after removing the burrs, glue multiple single wax molds on a prefabricated die (also called group wood), which is also an industrial wax core model made of wax molds.

4. Coat several wax molds on the die with industrial glue, and spray a layer of fine sand (refractory sand, silica sand is commonly used at high temperatures). This sand is very small and very fine to ensure that the surface of the blank is as smooth as possible.

Therefore, coarse silica powder can be used, and the coating has a higher viscosity and a longer sand-out time. According to the number of layers of the shell, the coating can be divided into a surface layer and a strengthening layer (ie, the second layer and the latter layer). Stainless refractory coating for precision casting, made of refractory powder (silica, corundum powder), ethyl silicate hydrolyzate or water glass liquid.