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Simple analysis on the development trend of precision punches
- 2020-04-30-

Compared with the rapid economic growth of the precision punch industry for ten consecutive years, the growth rate of the main economic indicators of the punch industry has shown a comprehensive decline, especially in the accelerating decline in the profit growth rate of precision punches, which highlights the urgency and stability of the precision punch press to accelerate the structural upgrade Punch prices are imminent. The foreign trade of my country's precision press industry achieved a surplus of 12.4 billion U.S. dollars. The main reason was processing trade at the low end of the industrial chain. In the "general trade" that better reflects the actual competitiveness of the punch industry, it was 22.2 billion U.S. dollars. The huge deficit. It reflects that my country's punch industry is an industry with comparative advantages in the international arena, and it can become an important support for China's exports in the future. It shows that my country's competitiveness is mainly reflected in the cost-effective advantages of low-end punch products, and there is still a huge gap between the world's advanced level in the field of high-end equipment.

Speeding up the structural adjustment of the punch industry is the only way to fundamentally alleviate the current problems of the punch industry, such as declining profit margins, weak market demand, and fluctuations in punch prices. The full press industry must change from the goal orientation of speed and scale to the goal orientation of quality and efficiency. Even if some speed is sacrificed, the adjustment and upgrade of the punch industry must continue to be promoted.