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Water pump impeller castings, the company has excellent stainless steel castings, cleaning, casting quenching and tempering treatment and precision machining production and machinery equipment, can Manufacture and produce various types and specifications of stainless steel pump valve parts for many valve accessories companies, such as: impeller, guide vane, pump casing, pump cover, corrosion-resistant pump body, central area, trap, gate valve, butterfly valve , Cut-off valve, etc.; can be pressedASTM\EN\DIN\GBProduction and manufacturing of various castings according to specifications, and the commodity materials includeCA15,CA6NM,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M,CN7M,Duplex steel(1.4460,1.4462,1.4470,CD4MCuN/1B,CD3MWCuN/6A,CD3MN/4a,CD5MN/2A,CE3MN/5A),Alloy20,904L,Monel,HastelloyC,HastelloyBWait.

The key to the centrifugal pump impeller is as follows4A way,There are four types: closed, front semi-open, rear semi-open, and open.

1, Closed impeller:It is composed of blades, front and outer covers. The closed impeller has high efficiency and high manufacturing difficulty coefficient. The most used in centrifugal pumps. It is suitable for transporting clean water, aqueous solutions and other clean-up liquids with low viscosity and no particles.

2, Semi-open impeller:There are generally two structures, one of which is the front semi-open type,Consists of an outer cover and blades,This structure impeller has high efficiency and low efficiency,In order to improve work efficiency, it is necessary to apply the adjustable gap sealing ring, and the other is the rear semi-open type,Consists of front and rear cover plates and blades,Because the same sealing ring as the impeller of closed water pump can be used?The high efficiency is basically the same as the closed impeller, and the blades not only transport liquid, but also have:The sealing effect of the back blade or the auxiliary impeller. The semi-open impeller is suitable for transporting liquids with suspended solids such as solid particles and chemical fibers. The semi-open impeller is less difficult to manufacture, lower in cost, and has strong adaptability. In recent years, the use of centrifugal pumps in refineries and chemical plants has gradually increased, and they are used to transport clean water and liquids similar to clean water.

3, Open impeller:Impeller with only blades and blade stiffeners, without front outer cover. Fewer open impeller blades2-5piece. The pump impeller is high in efficiency and low in use. The key is to transport high-viscosity liquids and their slurry-like liquids.

The blades of centrifugal pump water pump impellers are generally backward curved blades. There are two types of blades: cylindrical and distorted. The use of distorted blades can reduce the load of the blades, improve the suction characteristics of the centrifugal pump, and enhance the ability to resist cavitation. However, the manufacturing difficulty is very high and the engineering cost is high. Water pump impeller The centrifugal pump used in the chemical plant of the refinery stipulates that the impeller is an overall water pump impeller that is forged or all welded and welded. Electric welding water pump impellers have developed in recent years. They are mostly used for forging metal composite materials with poor characteristics, such as iron and aluminum alloys, to produce special centrifugal pumps for chemical plants. The geometric precision and surface smoothness of the electric welded water pump impeller are better than that of the forged impeller,It is beneficial to improve the high efficiency of the centrifugal pump.